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Liquid packaging machines

Manufacture of liquid packaging machines by volumetric system, mass flow or peristaltic pump, according to the delivery needs; for injectable pharmaceuticals, ophthalmological, cosmetics, disinfectants and food products; with capacity in millilitres, litres, grams, or to specific requirements.

Powder and pellet packaging machines

Manufacture of powder and pellet packaging machines by worm screw system, volumetric system or gravimetric system.

Creams and semi-solids packaging machines

Manufacture of creams and semi-solids packaging machines for paste and non-paste creams.

Depyrogenation tunnel and autoclave

Manufacture of machinery for depyrogenisation of liquids, powders, continuous or non-continuous injectable granules through stainless steel resistors, quartz resistors with gold coating, or steam coil. CIP or WIP system included as specified for requirements.

Laminar flow cabinets and/or rooms

Design and manufacture of laminar flow cabinets and/or rooms made of stainless steel with electro static curtains and HEPA Class 5 filters for quality control areas, sterile areas, microbiology areas, dispensing areas and weighing areas according to the specific needs of each laboratory.

Air handling units

Manufacture of air handling units for equipment and production, quality control, galenic development and microbiology areas complying with ISO 5, 6, 7 or 8 air quality standards according to each process need.

Tanks, kettles, reactors and agitators

Manufacture of tanks, kettles, reactors and agitators for pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and veterinary industries made of 304 or 316L quality stainless steel with satin and/or mirror shine finish and passivation.

Sanitary conveyor belts

Manufacture of modular conveyor belts with stainless steel structure and sanitary plastic conveyor belts for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and veterinary industries, with or without CIP or WIP systems.

Electro-mechanical or pneumatic bowl feeders

Manufacture of electro-mechanical or pneumatic bowl feeders for transporting container tops and containers for liquids, creams, tablets, dragées and other general needs. Manufactured according to the needs of the specified process or equipment.

Formats for liquids, creams, semi-solid and solid packaging machines

Manufacture of stainless steel and/or engineering plastics formats for liquids, creams, semi-solid and solid packaging machines.

Smart locks and automatic curtains

Manufacture of locks and curtains, with or without interlocking, for warehouses, manufacturing and packing areas with security systems for the product and personnel.

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